Friday, December 10, 2010


Who is Axel Aries ?
Who is Yong Yee Khang ?
Who Will mention the name ?
Who is me ?
Why am i Existed for ?
what the hell is me to live for ?
where is the people Should mention the name huh ?

But i don't need this...
Just live my life~
No matter Better or worst?
Just walk This road, till my leg is tired, till my leg is bleed and i don't say anything....

Is just a starting of my life, i still have whole lot's of time eh ?
I keep think positive~
But the negative is so strong~
Imagine your mind is on a war, positive thinking versus negative ~~~
There will be no ending~
means that my mind was blank now~~~
I cant think nothing ~

I'm just a body with empty soul....
Who will fill me ?
Who will FEEL me ?

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